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Eric Decker Sounds Like He’s Healthy

New York Jets v Buffalo Bills Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Eric Allen shares some encouraging words from Jets receiver Eric Decker, who is recovering from a pair of injuries.

“I’m back. I’ve been doing everything,” he said. “The first phase was just the workout, so we were in the weight room and running. Now, we’re on the field and I’ve been out there as a full participant. I feel great. It was a long four or five months, but to be where I am now and feel how I do, I’m excited.”


“I was kind of thrown aback when people didn’t think I was going to be ready for Week 1 or for training camp. Well, it’s four months away and I’m full speed, running routes,” he said. “I’m not worried about training camp, I’m worried about right now. I can guarantee you that I’ll be out there every day in training camp participating.”

Decker is a very important part of this team in 2017. He is the only receiver on the roster who has more than one season of effective play under his belt. As the resident veteran, he surely will be a player the young receivers on the roster lean on for wisdom, but his biggest job will be serving as a reliable option. He will be even more important if Christian Hackenberg plays. A young quarterback needs reliable targets.