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Jets Mailbag: What to Make of the Rest of the AFC East?

Miami Dolphins v New York Jets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

We couldn’t work things out logistically with a guest today on our podcast so we are jumping back to the mailbag on this Friday. Thanks to everybody who submitted such great questions this week. We get so many that even two mailbag shows can’t cover them all. I’m not sure we are going to do two mailbags per week for the entire offseason, but there certainly will be weeks where it happens if we get this many good questions.

Today we look at the rest of the AFC East, whether the NFL’s current divisional system is fair, whether youthful competition is the way to go for the Jets at a number of positions, how concerned fans should be about the way has Todd Bowles planned things out, whether Darryl Washington could be an option for the Jets, and why Josh McCown would even be considered to start.

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