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Gerald Hodges Visits Jets on Free Agent Visit

New York Jets v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Free agent linebacker Gerald Hodges had a visit with the Jets today.

Hodges is only 26. He spent his first three seasons in the NFL with the Minnesota Vikings before spending the last two with the San Francisco 49ers. He had 83 tackles and 3 sacks last season for the Niners.

Hodges is a quality player so it is a bit surprising to see him available so late in the spring. Yesterday was the last day where free agent signings count against a team’s compensatory pick count so no team will lose in the formula by signing Hodges at this point. That doesn’t really impact the Jets. The Jets haven’t lost any quality free agents who would qualify for the formula. It is possible that Hodges has been waiting for this point to resume discussions with teams since that is no longer an obstacle for teams having interest in him.

One might wonder whether David Harris’ roster spot might be in trouble if Hodges is signed. Hodges is a starting level player, and the cap savings the Jets get from cutting Harris could probably pay for Hodges’ 2017 salary with room to spare.