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Thinking About 2017 NFL Draft Prospects Who Don’t Fit the Jets

NCAA Football: UCLA at Stanford Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We were supposed to have a guest today on our podcast, but I had a bit of a personal disaster in the name of a flood at my place. Fortunately we don’t have a ton of damage, but dealing with it did force me to postpone with our guest until next week.

I did want to do a podcast today to give you something, and a topic popped into my head yesterday after we did our mailbag episode. It dealt with the question about whether the Jets should be interested in Solomon Thomas with the sixth pick. My answer was no. It wasn’t anything against Thomas. I just don’t think he has the skillset that fits what the Jets are looking for.

This got me thinking about other prospects and how easy it is to get focused on your team. Some guys won’t fit what your team does but can still be good prospects.

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