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Report: Jets Offered Josh McCown $4 Million More Than Cowboys

New York Giants v Cleveland Browns Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Ian Rapoport says the Jets offered Josh McCown a lot more money than the competition to land him in free agency.

Ouch. It’s tough to fathom why a team would get into a drawn out salary battle for McCown to begin with. It sounds like there was never a bidding war to begin with, though. The Jets just seemed to value McCown far more than other team. Dallas was the primary competition, and offered him one-third of the $6 million the Jets did if this report is accurate. There was always an element of, “Why get into a bidding war over a player this bad,” and, “Who cares if you lose him?” Apparently there was no bidding war.

This is just one player, but it isn’t the only marginal free agent the Jets signed to a surprisingly high salary. It makes you wonder whether the Jets valued any of those other players far more than the rest of the league.