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Jets Draft Marcus Maye, Ardarius Stewart, and Trade Down: Live Podcast Reaction

Florida v LSU Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

The Jets completed the second night of the NFL Draft. They added a pair of players, safety Marcus Maye from Florida and wide receiver Ardarius Stewart from Alabama.

The Jets also traded down twice to pick up a pair of additional day three picks.

The team taking safeties with its first two picks certainly will generate some controversy. So will trading down a couple of times. What does this all mean?

We are going to attempt a live episode of the Locked on Jets podcast to break it down. This is very exciting. There is no safety net. If this podcast goes down in flames, you will see it all happen live.

Smackdad is joining me to discuss what went down and what is to come.

Join us and feel free to leave some comments. If you have any questions, maybe we will take some time to try and answer them. The player is below.