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These Are The Jets Second Day Draft Slots

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

After picking up LSU safety Jamal Adams in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft the New York Jets enter the second day of the draft with three selections scheduled.

In the second round the Jets have the 39th pick of the draft. In the third round the Jets have the 70th and 107th pick of the draft. The second day of the draft begins an hour earlier than the first day, with the Green Bay Packers going on the clock at 7:00 pm. If the Jets do not trade their pick at #39 the Jets should be making their second round pick no later than 7:49 pm EDT. Teams have seven minutes to make each pick in the second round, and five minutes to make each pick in every round thereafter. If every team takes the maximum time to make each pick, and the Jets keep all their second day picks, the Jets will be picking at #70 no later than 11:14 pm, and the pick at #107 will be made no later than 1:05 am. However, these rounds tend to move much faster than that. I would expect the entire second and third rounds to be finished before midnight EDT tonight if this draft is anything like recent past drafts.

The second day tends to feature a lot of movement up and down draft boards as teams jockey for position to select the best remaining players on their boards. Jets GM Mike Maccagnan has expressed a preference to trade down to acquire more picks in the 2017 draft, so keep an eye out for the Jets trading down from either pick #39 or pick #70. This is a deep draft, and it would be a good move in my opinion to acquire an extra selection or two sometime between rounds two and four.