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2017 NFL Draft Jets Second Day Draft Discussion

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We have reached the second day of the three day 2017 NFL Draft. This is where good GMs make their money. Any GM can more often than not find a plus starter in the first round.  By the time the second and third rounds roll around the prospects have more warts. The GMs who can consistently find plus starters on the second day field the better teams in the NFL.

In the first round the Jets addressed their secondary with their pick at #6, safety Jamal Adams. Tonight the Jets begin the process with three picks, #39 in the second round and #70 and #107 in the third round.  Find three good starters with those three picks and the Jets will be on the way back to being competitive. Whiff on those picks and the Jets will have trouble down the road.

There are still a lot of good players on the board.  Offensive linemen, cornerbacks, wide receivers, safeties, tight ends, edge rushers and running backs all are available that can develop into plus starters in the NFL. What will the Jets do? Will they go offense after opening with defense for the ninth straight time?  Will they trade down to acquire more picks in a deep draft? Will they run up the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum and pose next to the Rocky statue? Will they pick yet another developmental quarterback? We'll find out shortly, as the second day of the 2017 NFL Draft unfolds.

Use this thread to talk about the 2017 NFL Draft. We will provide new threads if they are necessary along with updates through the night. We ask you kindly to avoid spoilers on the picks from Twitter. Stick to what you see on television when talking about the Draft.