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NFL Draft Grades: Jets Receive Positive Marks

How do the industry experts rate the Jets pick of Jamal Adams

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I honestly think the Jets walked away with the best player in the draft last night. Jamal Adams offers a lot for a football franchise and the Jets were lucky enough to walk away with him.

I hear the calls for an offensive player, but I'd rather get a stud on defense than overdraft a player just because he plays on the offensive side of the ball. This was always regarded as a defensive draft, but you better believe the Jets will address the offense today.

Draft Grades fly in as soon as the picks are made, everyone has an opinion, but the majority agree with the selection of Jamal Adams:

Sports Illustrated


The start of the draft worked out like a dream for the Jets (unless they secretly had their sights set on Trubisky)—a QB and a RB went in the top five, meaning they had their choice of Adams and O.J. Howard, among others. Adams is the right pick. Only the NFL’s aversion to taking safeties in the top five kept Adams from being a lock in a spot higher than this. He has all the makings of a defensive centerpiece at the next level. His arrival in New York might signal that Calvin Pryor’s days are numbered, because Adams should spend most of his time in the box and over the slot. Regardless, Jets coach Todd Bowles will max out the ways in which Adams can be useful.

CBS Sports


They had to be thrilled this kid fell to them. Great kid at a need spot.

Fox Sports


Adams isn't a ballhawking free safety and he's not a hard-hitting box safety — he's a good safety that really fits best in Cover-2 looks. The Jets ran a Cover 2 defense a lot last year. Nothing wrong with this pick.

(I think a lot of offensive players in the SEC would disagree he's not hard hitting)



Jamal Adams is an excellent, hard-nosed stud who presents great leadership qualities. He was the best player available, and they made the right call.

SB Nation

Grade: A -

With Adams, the Jets get the safest player in the entire draft. It was a surprise to see Adams go outside the top five. So forget the Jets needing a quarterback or pass rusher. This is a smart choice. Adams can come up and stop the run, he’s comfortable in both man and zone coverage and, as a bonus, he can even get after the quarterback. The Jets need sure things, and they got one in Adams. The knock here is about the Jets. They’ve taken a player on defense in the first round every year since 2009. When is it going to pay off?

Yahoo Sports

Grade A-

The Jets had a darned good player fall into their laps, faintly similar to how they took Leonard Williams in the same slot a few years back. That worked out well. Both players were regarded as extremely hard workers and tone setters. Adams will help change the culture that has infected the Jets’ locker room the past few years, and he’s a very good box safety to boot. The fans there will love his hitting and his passion. The Jets will rebuild the D around Williams and Adams, but that’s saying something considering this is now the ninth (!) year in a row their first-round pick has been on that side of the ball. Grade: A-