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NY Jets Draft Predictions

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

It's time to look into my crystal ball and make some amazing predictions about the 2017 NFL Draft which will all come true. But if they don't my account was hacked.

1.  The Jets will not make a pick at #6.

2.  The Jets first round pick will be an offensive player for the first time in recorded history (or at least in this decade).  That pick will be wide receiver John Ross.

3.  The Jets will not make a pick at #39.  If they trade up into the first round they will take another offensive player.

4.  The Jets will take a cornerback and a tight end somewhere in the 2nd and 3rd rounds.

5.  The Jets will not use any of their draft picks on a quarterback.

6.  The Jets will use one of their late picks on a returner.

7.  The Jets will pick RB Marlon Mack.

8.  The Jets will make at least nine picks.

9.  The Jets will trade either Sheldon Richardson or Calvin Pryor, but not both.

10.  The Jets will pick two edge rushers.

Those are my predictions.  How about you?  What are your predictions for the 2017 NFL Darft?