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Patrick Mahomes "I Am Not A Project"

The former Texas Tech QB hears the detractors, but it won't beat him, it'll just motivate him.

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Texas Christian Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

I've been quite outspoken in relation to my belief in former Texas Tech QB Patrick Mahomes. He's the number 1 rated QB on my big board and I've argued back and forth with several very knowledgeable football fans in relation to how much of a project Mahomes really is.

So when an article landed in my inbox from the Players Tribune (a great website that you should all subscribe to), with an NFL Draft cover letter from Mahomes, I simply had to read it. I'm glad I did. You see I don't think Mahomes is as much of a project as some believe him to be. He's an intelligent player with hard work and commitment on his side. He reads the game far better than anyone gives him credit for.

I've seen what I needed to see on tape. The arm, the creativity, the elusiveness, the pure natural god given ability to make plays out of nothing. I've seen him go through his progressions, I've seen him move safeties with his eyes. He's not perfect, and if you read the article, he admit that. However if you draft Mahomes, you're drafting a very mature young man with the talent to succeed straight away (my belief) and unlimited potential.

In three years at Texas Tech, I learned a lot about leading an offense. So much of that has to do with earning respect in the locker room. Leaders set an example for others. I don’t expect to walk in and know everything on the first day of training camp, but I am ready to get started on that process. Right away you’ll see the type of player I am and, more important, the type of player I want to be in the huddle.

I will not whine or complain during the process. I won’t be a distraction, on or off the field.

I will put in the hours to master your playbook. I won’t stop until I get everything right, down to the smallest detail.

I may make mistakes along the way. And I won’t win every single game I play during my career. I won’t retire with a perfect passer rating or zero career interceptions. But I’ll try as hard as anybody.