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Will The Jets Trade Sheldon Richardson Tonight?

Could the Jets defensive lineman be used to acquire picks or move up in the draft?

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at New York Jets Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

One of the best aspects of the NFL Draft is anything can happen. Teams evaluate prospects in different ways, and teams takes very different approaches to their draft strategy.

Jets GM Mike Maccagnan has already made it clear this off-season that he would love to acquire more picks. One way of doing that is to of course move down in the draft, another way is to package a player in a potential deal. The Jets wouldn't confirm or deny if they would be shipping Sheldon Richardson during the draft, but it's probably safe to assume that they will.

The Jets dangled Sheldon Richardson at the trade deadline last year, however their asking price deterred a deal from being completed. If you believe the rumours, they wanted a 1st and nobody was willing to give them that. The harsh reality is that they're never going to be able to acquire a first for Sheldon.

Sheldon is a player with a huge amount of potential. At times he flashes incredible athletic ability for a man who stands 6'3 and 295lb's. The problem is he has been suspended for failing the NFL's drug policy. He's also been suspended relating to an arrest where he was caught speed racing at over 140mph with a child in the passenger seat and a loaded gun in the vehicle, his eventual charge was reckless driving and resisting arrest. There have also been rumours circulated relating to his tardiness to meetings while with the Jets. All of which doesn't paint a good picture.

2017 will be the last year of Sheldon Richardson's contract, and even with the off-field issues, he'll be looking to get paid. The Jets already have a lot of money tied up in Muhammad Wilkerson and will need to pay Leonard Williams soon too, so they can't afford to invest in Sheldon too.

It makes sense for the Jets to try and trade Sheldon for a late 3rd or early 4th round pick in the NFL draft. Hell even package him to move back into the first if there is a prospect they really like. What do you think?


Will Sheldon Richardson Get Traded During The Draft?

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