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Ranking Jets Seventh Round Picks of the Last Decade

New York Giants v New York Jets Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

We close out our look at the last decade of Jets Draft picks by looking at seventh rounders.

  1. Antonio Allen, 2012 (Last Year: 1)

Allen wasn’t a huge success story. He started at multiple positions for portions of seasons. His work at cornerback in 2014 was subpar. A year earlier he was a starter at safety between the start of the season and the signing of Ed Reed. His work there wasn’t spectacular either, but he had a few moments such as a pick six of Tom Brady in a win over the Patriots. He wasn’t a cornerback and wasn’t that great of a safety, but he was the best the of the seventh round picks over the last ten years.

2. Chansi Stuckey, 2007 (Last Year: 2)

In his brief time with the team, he showed some signs of life registering 32 catches in his first full NFL season of 2008. Early in 2009, he was sent to the Browns in the Braylon Edwards trade. Stuckey did have touchdown receptions in both of his Week 1 games with the Jets, but he never had more than 40 grabs in a season during his career.

3. Greg McElroy, 2011 (Last Year: 3)

McElroy wasn’t an NFL talent and was out of the league after three years. He did have one memorable moment with the Jets, leading a touchdown drive in relief of an ineffective Mark Sanchez to beat Arizona in a game that helped the Jets avoid Playoff elimination in 2012. His one NFL start a few weeks later against the Chargers was a disaster, but he’ll always have that one win to his credit.

4. Deon Simon, 2015 (Last Year: 4)

Simon saw a small amount of playing time in 2016, 204 snaps to be exact. He looked like he belonged during his brief stretch on the field, though. He might have the most room to grow of anybody on this list. Simon might top this list next season if he puts together a strong 2017 with more playing time.

5. Charone Peake, 2016 (Last Year: NR)

Peake got a lot of buzz in training camp. Once the game started, there wasn’t much production. He only caught 19 passes as a rookie. His most memorable play was picking up a fumble and running it for a touchdown in garbage time of a loss to Seattle. A seventh round rookie isn’t a guy you expect much from, though. He’s just another young developmental guy on the roster who is hoping to show he can become a player. We will have to wait and see whether he will.

6. Lac Edwards, 2016 (Last Year: NR)

Edwards had a rough rookie season where he was one of the least effective punters in the NFL. He is only rated this high because it is plausible he could improve.

7. Tommy Bohanon, 2013 (Last Year: 6)

Bohanon was the starting fullback for a few years. He wasn’t a particularly effective blocker, and he never materialized as a receiving threat. He lost his roster spot during his fourth training camp to Julian Howsare, a guy with little experience at the position.

8. Trevor Reilly, 2014 (Last Year: 5)

Reilly never developed into much of a player. He failed to make the 53 man roster last year. He probably shouldn’t have even made the team the year before.

9. Nate Garner, 2008 (Last Year: 7)

Garner probably put together the best NFL career of anybody on this list, but it wasn’t with the Jets. He lasted a brief stretch before going to Miami and lasting from 2008 through 2014.

10. Jordan White, 2012 (Last Year: 8)

College production does not always translate to the pros. White caught 127 passes in his final college season but only 1 in his NFL career.

11. Scotty McKnight, 2011 (Last Year: 10)

McKnight didn’t have the talent of a Draft pick. The Jets only picked him because he was Mark Sanchez’s friend. It didn’t pan out.