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NY Jets: Gang Green Nation On The Clock!

Sign up for our draft simulator, where you get to make the picks for the Jets.

Ed Mulholland/Getty Images

Attention all you NFL Draft fanatics out there. You know who you are. You willingly suffer through a late night for the first round on Thursday, do it all over again for rounds two and three on Friday, and still watch to the bitter end as the last of the seventh round picks are being announced on Saturday. You live and breathe this stuff. You can't wait for this time of year, and you just KNOW you can do a better job than the schmucks running this team.

Have we got a new concept for you! This year we are introducing the first annual GGN On The Clock thread. The concept is simple. You make your picks as if you were the Jets GM. You get from the time the Jets go on the clock for a pick right through the time the Jets go on the clock for their next pick to make your selection. For example, if the Jets stay at pick #6 on Thursday, you get from the time Pick #5 is made right up until the time the Jets go on the clock for their next pick, which as of now comes at Pick #39, to make your first round selection. Then you have from the time Pick #39 goes on the clock until the time the Jets go on the clock to make their next selection (as of now that's pick #70) to make your second round pick. And so on, and so on.

Sounds simple right? In fact it gives you an advantage over a real GM in that you can see how the rest of the round plays out before making your selection, but that's the price we pay for having lives. It would just be too difficult for many to make every pick while the Jets were actually on the clock with that pick.

So who's in? Who thinks they can do better than Mike Maccagnan? Sign up, if you think you have what it takes. But be forewarned, this concept takes real endurance. To do this you'll have to be present for much of all three days of the draft, as you'll need to not only make your picks in a timely manner but also keep track of any shift in picks that may come with trades. If you think you have what it takes, we encourage you to join in the fun. We will take a poll at the end of the draft to see which draftnik is deemed the best drafter by the Gang Green Nation faithful. We will also revisit  the picks on an annual basis around draft time to see how our perceptions change regarding who had the best draft.

If you're game and you're just itching to match wits with Mike Maccagnan please sign up in the comments here so I can get a sense of how many draft boards I will need to keep track of.  A Fanpost for the actual picks has been set up here which will be updated to reflect everyone's picks as the draft progresses.  Please DO NOT MAKE PICKS HERE. Use the Fanpost for that.