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Peter King’s 2017 NFL Mock Draft Has Jets Trading Down; Picking O.J. Howard

CFP National Championship Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

MMQB’s Peter King is out with a mock draft that involves a trade down for the Jets.

Browns trade 12th, 33rd and 181st picks for No. 6 overall.

12. O.J. Howard, TE, Alabama

Jets get sixth-pick value by trading down and … get a tremendous weapon too.wn … get a tremendous weapon too.

The discussion of whether you’d feel comfortable with a certain player at 12 but not 6 has come up frequently. I agree with those who say it shouldn’t make a big difference at the quarterback position. If you’re comfortable making a franchise altering pick in the top half of the first round, what difference does it make whether it comes at 6 or 12?

I do think there are certain players at lower impact positions who make more sense at 12 than 6. Howard is one of them. I think he has enough concerns to pass at 6 but enough upside to make sense at 12. Getting the first pick in the second round in addition would be a heck of a haul in my book.