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NY Jets: What’s the Plan?

NFL Draft Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images

The NFL Draft is this week. It is the moment many of you have been waiting for since the fall. What can the Jets do to improve their roster?

For me it goes beyond improving the roster. We will have no idea how good the players will be at the time the team selects them. We will be left to guess, but there is no way of knowing how any of these guys will pan out before they even set foot on an NFL practice field.

More than picking certain players, I think the Jets need to show that there is a solid plan in place to build for the future. One Draft will not offer any complete assurances, but they have to start somewhere. The free agency period came and went without offering any clear vision for getting the team moving in the right direction. Can the Draft? That is the topic of our podcast today.

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