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Jets Schedule 2017: Season Ends With Road Game Against Patriots

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Buffalo Bills v New York Jets Photo by Ed Mulholland/Getty Images

The Jets’ 2017 regular season schedule is out.

What sticks out?

Only one primetime game

This is hardly a shock. The league puts what it considers its best games in primetime, and the Jets are projected to be a bottom tier club. Only the Week 9 Thursday night game against the Bills will be in primetime, and every team gets a Thursday night game.

Championship Stretch

Season ticket holders might note that the Jets have home games against the two Super Bowl teams from a year ago in a three week stretch in October.

Late Bye

The Week 11 bye is fairly late. The Jets should have plenty of time to get healthy for the stretch drive.

November Rest

In addition to that Week 11 bye, the Jets have that Thursday night game against Buffalo in Week 9, meaning three extra days of rest. When you combine these two things, the Jets will have only one game between November 3 and November 25.

Foxborough Finish

If the Jets beat the oddsmakers and end up playing meaningful football to the end of the season, Week 17 will be a test. The Jets finish their season with a road game against the Patriots.

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