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Jets Draft Rumors: Team Talking Trade Down With Cleveland?

New York Jets v Cleveland Browns Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Charlie Campbell says the Jets and the Browns are discussing a potential trade down for New York in the first round.

In order to move down, the Jets want the 33rd-overall pick (second round) and the selection at No. 108 (fourth round).


Cleveland is trying to trade its second-round pick, No. 52 overall, and the first selection in the fifth round, No. 145. With the sixth pick, the Browns are believed to want Trubisky.

This is the point where I remind you that there are plenty of rumors flying around at this time of the year and that every team is talking with every team to try and figure out potential partners to trade up and down. Trades are also contingent on the player the team wants being available, which doesn’t always pan out.

With that said, this sounds like one to watch. The Jets have made no secret of their desire to move down to gain more picks. The Browns have a ton of picks, which provide them with all of the ammo they need to move up for the quarterback they also need.

I am all for the Jets trading down to gain more picks, but I’m more hesitant to move down in the first round that I am in day two. At six, the Jets stand to have a great chance to add a player with a superstar ceiling and a high floor. At twelve, the ceilings and the floors are likely to trend the wrong direction quite a bit. I think it would take the 33rd pick, one of the best value slots in any Draft, for me to be totally on board with a trade all the way out of the top ten.