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Ranking Jets Fifth Round Picks of the Last Decade

We continue with our rankings of Jets Draft picks in each round over the last decade. Today we hit the fifth round.

  1. Jeremy Kerley, 2011 (Last Year: 1)

Kerley has put together a credible if unspectacular career working as a slot receiver. In 2012 and 2013 he was the team’s best receiver and really the only receiver on the roster who had any business getting snaps in the NFL. As the Jets added more talent, Kerley’s role was reduced before he was eventually cut. He eventually caught on with the 49ers where he once again is in a situation where he is one of the few credible threats in a bad passing attack. Is he one of those guys who just puts up decent numbers on bad teams? Maybe, but he was good value for a fifth round pick.

2. Brandon Shell, 2016 (Last Year: NR)

Shell isn’t ranked this high because he has accomplished anything. He is here because he has more room to grow than anybody else on the list. He didn’t get much playing time as a rookie. Shell didn’t look like he was in over his head in that small amount of playing time, which is a plus for a fifth round rookie. Can he beat out Ben Ijalana for the starting right tackle job? One can hope.

3. John Conner, 2010 (Last Year: 2)

The Jets used to let Rex Ryan make one pick in each Draft. In 2010 that pick was used on Conner, the fullback from Kentucky. He spent two stints with the team over four seasons. His play was decent but unspectacular in a position that is becoming obsolete in the modern NFL. He is best known for the way he was featured in Hard Knocks in 2010.

4. Oday Aboushi, 2013 (Last Year: 3)

Aboushi only lasted two years and change with the team. He got some starting experience when Brian Winters got hurt in 2014 but didn’t play well enough to stick around beyond that.

5. Erik Ainge, 2008 (Last Year: 6)

A lot of people thought Ainge was a good late round sleeper in the 2008 Draft. Unfortunately he never got a chance with the Jets struggling with personal demons and injuries before retiring in 2011.

6. Jarvis Harrison, 2015 (Last Year: 4)

Harrison bounced between the active roster and the practice squad in his first season before the Jets let him go in the first round of cuts last preseason. He didn’t even catch onto a practice squad in 2016. The Buccaneers are bringing him to training camp this year.

7. Jeremiah George, 2014 (Last Year: 7)

George was part of the fabled 12 player John Idzik class of 2014. Expectations are low in the fifth round. Most players do not pan out. I don’t think it’s a lot to ask for a fifth round pick to make the opening day roster as a rookie, though. George didn’t do that and spent only a few weeks on the practice squad before the Jaguars picked him up.