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Reuben Foster, David Njoku, and Josh Jones Visit Jets

CFP National Championship Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Alabama linebacker Reuben Foster, Miami tight end David Njoku, and NC State safety Josh Jones are the latest prospects to visit the Jets.

Many evaluators view Foster as a blue chip talent and one of the top players in the Draft. He could easily be in play with the sixth pick. Picking Foster would be an indication the Jets are drafting on pure talent as Foster’s role has less value than other positions on the field (albeit relatively so). The Jets could certainly use a young player there with David Harris likely near the end of his career, but it also isn’t the most immediately pressing concern in the short term.

Njoku seems to be the consensus second best tight end in this class behind O.J. Howard. He probably isn’t an option at six, but with the Jets in the market to trade down he could be a viable option in the middle of the first round.

Jones might be a second day pick as part of a talented safety class.

The Jets can bring in up to 30 prospects who do not have local ties for a predraft visit.