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Jets Taking A QB At 6 Would Be A 'Big Mistake'

According to NFL expert Daniel Jeremiah, the Jets would be making a huge mistake if they took a QB in the first round.

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We're hurtling towards the draft now and the rumour mill has shifted into overdrive. The Jets are busy doing their due diligence, bringing in a fair few QB's for interviews, tests and measurements. Will the Jets take a QB in the first round this year? I'd be surprised but you just never know.

Daniel Jeremiah conducted his pre-draft interview and had this to say about the Jets possibly taking a signal caller at 6 overall.

I don't think they should take a quarterback at six. A big mistake. Three reasons. Number one, you're basically admitting you made a big mistake taking a quarterback in the second round last year. You identify a wasted second round pick last year. You cost yourself an opportunity to get a great player at another position at six this year, and you probably take yourself out of the quarterback market next year. Get ahead of ourselves. When you look at what could be available, I think it's going to be a much better group next year than we have this year.

I agree wholeheartedly with that statement. If the Jets do take a QB in the first round, they would be admitting that they made a mistake in drafting Hackenberg last year. However, should that prevent them from taking a QB if they truly believe he is a franchise guy? Absolutely not.

I also agree that the QB class next year is shaping up to be significantly better than the 2017 class. A lot can change, but right now it looks that way.

I don't think it makes a whole lot of sense there. I don't think there's a talent worthy to go up there with the sixth overall pick. I have Watson 28, Trubisky 32, Kizer 33, just in terms of where they are on my top 50 list, how I sequenced them in. I'm all for taking a quarterback if you think he's the 12th best player and you end up taking him at six, I can get on board with that. But, man, taking a guy who is kind of a borderline late one, early two, vaulting him all the way up into the top 10 in this year's draft, I don't think it's smart business.

This is fundamentally sound, however here is the subjective nature of the evaluation process. To Jeremiah, this is of course a bad move because of his grading on the QB's. A lot of analysts have graded the quarterbacks in a similar manner, but just because Jeremiah doesn't see a QB as a top 15 talent, doesn't mean the Jets believe the same thing. So if the Jets do believe that Trubisky or Watson or Mahommes is a top 15 talent, then using Jeremiah's can justify them over drafting him at number 6 overall.

Would you draft a QB at number 6 overall if you were the Jets?