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Jets 2017 Preseason Opponents

NFL: Buffalo Bills at New York Jets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL sort of announced its preseason schedule today. We learned the Jets’ four opponents, the sites of the games, and the order of the games. The exact dates and times are still unknown for some reason. Why the schedule was rolled out this way I could not tell you. Here are the games, though.

Week 1: home vs. Titans

Week 2: away at Lions

Week 3: “away” “at” Giants

Week 4: home vs. Eagles

There isn’t much drama in the preseason schedule anyway, but the Jets play the Giants and the Eagles every year. The Giants game is usually the third preseason game. The Eagles game is always the fourth preseason game.

Week 1 games will take place between August 10 and 14. Week 2 games will take place between August 17 and 21. Week 3 games will take place between August 24 and 27. Week 4 games will take place on August 31 and September 1.

The league did announce dates and game times for the nationally televised preseason games. The Jets are in none.

Mainly each year I hope the Jets don’t draw the Hall of Fame Game, which is a fifth preseason game. I view preseason games as a chance to get players hurt so I’m glad once again there will be no fifth game.