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What Strategy Should the Jets Use in the Draft?

NFL: New York Jets at San Francisco 49ers Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to the Draft, a team’s strategy is frequently viewed in simplistic terms? Is a team selecting for need, or is it selecting the best player available?

These are clearly factors. The early evidence suggests Jets general manager Mike Maccagnan at least in the first round picks the best available player on his board. Neither of his first round selections played a position of immediate need. In the case of Leonard Williams, the Jets added a player to what was the biggest strength the team had at the time.

I would argue that more goes into Draft strategy than these two things, however. On today’s podcast, we discuss a few of these things.

We also get into a question posed on this GGN FanPost. Which first round prospect should the Jets avoid? I will offer my thoughts.

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