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Scouting The 2017 Draft: "My Guys" On Offense

The draft is fast approaching, and I for one can't wait. If you are someone who has looked into a number of the prospects, like me, you probably can't help but pick favorites. Here are my favorites at each offensive position, and where I see them falling in a few weeks. Please, let us know who your favorite prospects are.

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports


1. Pat Mahomes, Texas Tech - Round 1

Mahomes was by far my favorite quarterback to watch this year. His ability to escape and make a play out of nothing is second to none in this draft.

2. Mitch Trubisky, North Carolina - Round 1

When looking for consistency, ability and success at quarterback, Trubisky was the one who checked all the boxes for me.

Running Back

1. Christian McCaffrey, Stanford - Round 1

I am not sure why more people don't love McCaffery. He has the vision and elusiveness that I drool over. Sure, he isn't a bulldozer, but you don't need to be to be successful.

2. Kareem Hunt, Toledo - Round 2/3

Hunt was easily my favorite running back prospect to watch this year. His speed won't wow you, but his ability to make people miss and get the tough yards will.

3. Jamaal Williams, BYU - Round 3/4

Williams caught my eye early, and I have loved watching him ever since. His smooth power makes me smile.

4. Joe Williams, Utah - Round 4/5

Joe's story might scare some teams away, but it only made me like him more. He backed it up with superb play in 2016.

5. James Conner, Pittsburgh - Round 4/5

Conner is the guy everyone can root for. After surviving Hodgkin's lymphoma, he returned to the gridiron and looked strong.

Wide Receiver

1. Corey Davis, W. Michigan - Round 1

He's not as tall as Mike Williams, and not as fast as Ross, but you can't watch him play, and not be impressed with everything he does.

2. Carlos Henderson, Louisiana Tech - Round 2

I was overjoyed when I heard Henderson was coming out this year. He is pure lighting with the ball in his hands. He is my favorite receiver this year.

3. Chris Godwin, Penn State - Round 2/3

Most people got on the Godwin train after the USC game. If so, then you missed a great season, by an amazing talent. He was very productive, against very good competition. He also checks all the boxes you want in a receiver.

4. K.D. Cannon, Baylor - Round 3/4

Cannon isn't really on anyone's radar really, and it has me confused. He isn't a one trick pony, it was just the only trick they asked him to do. He's even a willing and able blocker.

5. ArDarius Stewart, Alabama - Round 4/5

I love tough receivers that not only produce with the ball in their hands, but also the ones who thrive when it's not. His speed and explosiveness are highly underrated.

6. Noah Brown, Ohio State - Round 5/6

See ArDarius Stewart. Watching these two receivers was fun.

Offensive Tackle

1. Ryan Ramczyk Wisconsin - Round 1

In a class void of tackle talent, Ryan has shined. With edge rushers being as athletic as they are these days, an athletic beast like Ramczyk is needed to counter.

2. Antonio Garcia, Troy - Round 2

Garcia was one of the best tackles in college football at pass protection. I really take a shine to tackles that can protect the blindside.

Offensive Guard

1. Forrest Lamp, Western Kentucky - Round 1

I usually get bored quickly watching O-line tape. I can honestly say, Lamp really got me excited to watch his games. Even though he was probably the best tackle out of all of them, teams will be scared of his size, and move him to guard. Lamp was by far, my favorite.

Offensive Center

1. Tyler Orlosky, West Virginia - Round 4/5

It's not a really good draft for centers, but Orlosky is one of two that I really liked watching. He was also one of the best pass protecting centers in college football this year.

2. John Toth, Kentucky - Round 5/6

Toth is the mauler of the two centers I like. He will be opening up holes to run through for years to come.

Tight End

1. O.J. Howard, Alabama - Round 1

Howard will probably be a top 10 pick, and doesn't really need anymore praise from me. I just can't help but fall in love with a dynamic two way tight end that can really open up an offense when given the chance.

3. George Kittle, Iowa - Round 3/4

Kittle is a man mover on offense. The first time I saw him run a linebacker off the screen, I was impressed. Then it kept happening and happening. He also adds a little value as an underneath option. If we don't go tight end early, I would love Kittle in rounds 3 or 4.