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How The Brock Osweiler Trade Could Impact Jets

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The Texans have traded Brock for salary cap relief and salary cap relief alone, but how could this impact the Jets

NFL: AFC Divisional-Houston Texans at New England Patriots David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the wonderful world of musical chairs in the NFL.

In case you haven't heard, this just happened

Now that's crazy in itself, but actually a pretty good move for the Browns IMO.

Then this rumour surfaced pretty much immediately:

With a lot going on, this got me thinking and I wanted to put some thoughts down.

Now simply, if the Browns decide to release Brock, you have to imagine that the Jets would kick those tires, see what he's looking for, see if they can get him on a cheap prove it deal, etc etc. I'm not saying I want him, or that we'd sign him, but the Jets would take a look, they'd have to.

However this could potentially have a knock on effect for the Jets.

With Houston clearing cap space and in the market for a QB. You have to imagine as a win-now team, they'd be one of the front runners to land Tony Romo, think of the money he'd save in removals alone! It would also be an attractive destination for Tony.

The only other suitor for Romo appeared to be the Broncos. If this move enables Houston to sign Romo, then Denver misses out. If Denver misses out, then they're much less likely to trade Trevor Semian to the Jets. Earlier today it was reported that the Jets had interest in acquiring Semian from the Broncos.

It's interesting how one move can have a domino effect.