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Jets Free Agency Rumors and NFL Combine Talk

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Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

It might be the offseason, but it is a busy time in the NFL. The Combine wrapped up earlier this week. The last two days have been the legal tampering period. Tomorrow the free agency period officially gets started. There is much to talk about, and our podcast tries to touch upon all relevant topics.

We talk about Brandon Marshall going to the Giants. We talk about quarterbacks. We talk about a general free agency philosophy. We talk about the Nick Perry rumors. Then we turn our attention to the just completed Combine. Our old friend Dave-Te' Thomas stops by. Dave-Te' has been a scout in the NFL for decades and always tells you what he thinks. He also comes with an interesting rumor he heard about a potential quarterback move for the Jets. It is a full show, and I hope you tune in.

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