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Report: Potential Jets Free Agency Target Tony Jefferson Signing With Ravens

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Washington Redskins v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

Free agent safety Tony Jefferson is reportedly signing with the Baltimore Ravens.

Unlike a lot of the free agents who have gone off the board, this one feels like a loss for the Jets. Jefferson would have been a great fit in many ways. He has experience in this defensive system, having played under Todd Bowles with the Cardinals. He is also only 25 so he would have been a sensible signing even for a team in a rebuild. It never felt like the Jets were seriously in the running, though, if you have followed reports. It sounded like Cleveland was making a big run at him. Ultimately he chose a team that wasn’t in such a bad shape.

Meanwhile the Ravens have an Eric Weddle-Tony Jefferson safety combination. That looks on paper like perhaps the top safety tandem in the league. If it is not at the very top, it is near the top.