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Jets Are Quiet on First Day of Legal Tampering Period

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Normally we post our podcasts in the morning, but we are going to mix things up for the next few days. Things move quickly in the free agency period. The podcasts are generally recorded in the evening, but rather than risk information becoming obsolete over night, I am going to post them right after they are recorded. If enough big things happen, we might even have days with more than one.

Today was a pretty quiet start to the legal tampering period, though. Rumors are out that the Jets are out of the Mike Glennon sweepstakes. They also were linked to free agent tight end Anthony Fasano. The big news in the league is the major potential trade between Washington and San Francisco involving Kirk Cousins, but nothing is done yet.

We certainly will have bigger days ahead.

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