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Jets Begin Free Agency With Over $33 Million in Salary Cap Space

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New York Jets v New England Patriots

The Jets are set to begin free agency with over $33 million in salary cap space.

As you can see, that number doesn’t put the Jets at the top of the league, but there are some things to consider when looking at these numbers.

A. Some teams have priority free agents to re-sign. Part of the cap space of certain teams is likely earmarked for those players.

B. Teams like the Jets might not be done clearing cap space. There still are more moves that could be made to open up room.

C. This doesn’t discuss the talent level of a team. For teams with many holes, that cap space will not go as far since it will need to be spread out among many players. Good teams with a lot of cap space can target their free agency to get high end players to fill their few needs.

A and B show that the Jets’ situation might be a little better than it looks on paper since they have no priority free agents and still have other moves.

C shows that it might be worse. There aren’t many good players on this roster right now. There are numerous holes. Cap space is a means to an end. It is better to have a good team with no cap space than a bad team with a lot of it.