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Report - Jets Looking To Add Fullback. Focus On Running Game.

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Will the Jets return to focusing on the run to ease the pressure on the QB in 2017?

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Understandably we've been focusing our attention on the biggest areas of concern for the Jets. We're talking quarterback and we're talking secondary. However according to a report by Connor Hughes, the Jets are looking to add a fullback through free agency this year:

The Jets are putting an "emphasis on the run game" and have legitimate plans to add a fullback in free agency this year, a source familiar with their thinking told NJ Advance Media.

This is interesting, as the Jets rarely used a fullback last year, and when they was a hybrid fullback like Kellen Davis or Brandon Bostick. New offensive coordinator John Morton is familiar with using fullbacks coming from New Orleans, who had longtime packer John Kuhn manning the position last year.

Whoever suits up for the Jets at QB this year, will likely have limited experience in the NFL, so establishing the run game and relying on the run game, is a way to ease a little bit of the pressure.

There are plenty of options on the market for a team looking at the FB position, including Mike Tolbert, Patrick DiMarco and Marcel Reese or maybe even Kyle Juszczyk.

The Jets will want to get Matt Forte some room to work, and I think we're all hoping to see a little more Bilal Powell this year. The Jets have also been linked to 1st round running backs Leonard Fournette and Dalvin Cook in this years draft class, and having a bulldozer leading the way, might not be the worst idea in the world.

John Morton will know what he needs to run the offense he wants to run successfully, it's up to Mike Maccagnan to provide those players.