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Nick Mangold: I Was Hoping to Work Out a Return to the Jets

Cincinnati Bengals v New York Jets Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

Former Jets center Nick Mangold spoke to the New York Post and expressed disappointment that the Jets didn’t look to renegotiate his contract to keep him around.

“I was hoping there was going to be a negotiation of some sort to get something worked out,” Mangold told The Post, in his first interview since his dream was shattered, “but when you’re told, ‘Hey, we’re cutting you, and good luck,’ that really caught me off guard.”

Mangold is clearly one of the greatest Jets ever. He is a surefire future member of the team’s Ring of Honor. This whole episode is a reminder, however, that the NFL is a business.

The Jets are in the beginning stages of what is likely to be a massive rebuilding project. It might have been time to move on. While it is sad to see a team legend leave, sometimes to have a brighter future it is necessary to make a painful decision to cut ties with the past.