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Barnwell: Jets Have Ninth Most Valuable Set of 2017 Draft Picks

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NFL Draft Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images

ESPN’s Bill Barnwell has an article where he examines the value of each team’s set of 2017 Draft picks. He particularly takes note of which teams have gained the most and which teams have lost the most considering how picks have moved through trades, the awarding of compensatory selections, and other factors.

The Jets haven’t moved the needle a ton. They traded their fourth round pick last year and added a third round compensatory selection. It ends with them having the ninth move valuable group of picks by Barnwell’s methodology.

To measure each team's draft capital, I'll be using the empirical draft chart generated by Chase Stuart of Football Perspective. Unlike the traditional chart, which begins with a value of 3,000 points and falls all the way down to two points, Stuart's chart finds a much smaller gap between picks. The top pick by Stuart's model is worth 34.6 points, while the 224th pick is worth 0.1 points. (Both models award zero points to picks after the 224th selection.)

It isn’t exactly scientific. There isn’t a ton to discuss with the Jets. Their picks are valuable because they are picking so high.

It is worth a look, though, because it is interesting to hear Barnwell’s perspective on the teams have have either added or lost a lot of picks.