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Maccagnan - 'Jets Are Looking To Move Down If Possible'

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The Jets GM speaking at the combine, confirmed that the Jets would like to move down to acquire more picks if possible.

NFL: Buffalo Bills at New York Jets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Maccagnan met with the media at the combine in Indianapolis on Friday, and mentioned that the Jets would be looking to move down in the draft to acquire more picks if possible:

I've supported moving down in this draft due to the pure depth of talent, but always believed that it would be hard to find a trade partner willing to do so. It's good to hear that the Jets are looking to acquire some more selections in 2017, as one analyst commented today, you could find 2nd round talent in the 5th round this year due to how deep it is.

It's always possible that a team falls head over heels in love with a prospect, and offers the Jets a package to trade up to get their guy. However trading down isn't the only way to secure more picks.

The Jets could look to move several players who have flashed but disappointed in New York. Guys like Sheldon Richardson or Calvin Pryor, they won't get a 1st for either player, but they could secure some extremely valuable middle round selections. This is definitely something to watch as we head towards free agency and the draft.