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Jets Getting To Know QB Cooper Rush

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Does anyone else just absolutely love the combine? It's a dream for content.

NCAA Football: Miami Beach Bowl-Central Michigan vs Tulsa Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

You'd be forgiven for not having seen much Central Michigan football recently, but Cooper Rush seems to have caught the eye of the QB needy Jets. Speaking to the media at the combine, Rush had this to say on what sounds like a very productive meeting with Jets QB coach Jeremy Bates:

“I met with the Jets. It went real well. We got to know their QB coach, Coach Bates and we just talked and he’s excited for tomorrow. Me as well. They got to know you a little bit, ask about your leadership and then stuff like that and boom, right to football, Xs and Os, which is fun for me. And I know they like that too. They like talking ball, they like seeing what you know. I think I’ve done a great job like that so far.”

I've always been of the opinion that you draft a QB every single year to increase your chances of hitting on one. Cooper is known as an intelligent QB with exceptional leadership skills and the perfect size for the position, coming it at 6'3 and 230lb's.

The main knock on Cooper so far this year has been his lack of ideal arm strength, floating instead of driving the ball. He'll be taking the field tomorrow, and all eyes will be on his accuracy and drive on those deep throws.

I fully admit that his arm strength is a concern, but whenever I've watched him, I've been extremely impressed with his ability to throw with anticipation, really being locked on to his receivers and hitting them when they're about to come out of their breaks.

The one thing that I think may be impressing the Jets? His process speed. When you run a WCO at the NFL level, the QB needs to quickly read the defense and determine the correct read and the correct receiver to target, Cooper has a very quick processing football IQ.