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Pat Elflein Confirms He Met With Jets

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Could Elflein continue the tradition of excellence at the center position for the Jets?

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I've been glued to the combine coverage all day today and several prospects have stood out to me. One of them was Pat Elflein, a player I already highly rated. He moved through the drills comfortably and what we saw today, backed up what we saw on tape.

While speaking to the media, Elflein confirmed that he had met with the Jets at the combine. Obviously the Jets are in the market for a new center after cutting ties with Nick Mangold, and Elflein is certainly in play for the Jets at the top of the 2nd round.

When asked how he would pitch himself to NFL teams he kept it nice and simple.

"I can play left guard, center and right guard at a high level."

Following this, he went on to talk about his transition from guard to center, and how it came naturally to him.

"Yeah, it's pretty cool to think about it like that. I got a lot of reps at center. The transition was just smooth for me. It's a credit to all the people around me who helped me make that transition. Jacoby Boren he helped me make that transition a lot. If there were any questions about the mental aspect of the game, he's someone you could go to and he had the answer every time. Every time he had an answer for you. So even when I was a guard and I wanted to know why something was going on, I would go to Jacoby and he helped me make that transition mentally, which I think is the toughest aspect of the transition."

Again, any player who can offer versatility is going to be of interest. If he can play multiple positions at a high level...even better. He's an interesting prospect to watch and I've already said that if he were there in the 2nd round, I'd be taking him if I were the Jets.

We can also confirm that the Jets bet with both Dalvin Cook, and Temple RB Jahad Thomas.