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NY Jets: Ben Ijalana Contract Details

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Al Bello/Getty Images

The re-signing of offensive tackle Ben Ijalana by the New York Jets was one of the first Jets free agent moves reported, but for reasons not entirely clear the details of the contract were not forthcoming for a long time.  The details are now available. Here is what the Ijalana contract looks like according to

Ben Ijalana signed a two year, $10.25 million contract with the Jets. The Jets hold a $500,000 option on the second year of the contract.  In the first year of the deal Ijalana will be paid $1 million in guaranteed base salary, a $2 million signing bonus, and a $1 million roster bonus.  He will count for $4.25 million in cap space in 2017, with $3.5 million in dead money if he is cut. If the Jets pick up Ijalana's option for 2018 Ijalana will have a non-guaranteed base salary of $4.5 million, a roster bonus of $250,000, an option bonus of $500,000, a cap hit of $6 million and $750,000 in dead money if he is cut.

Ben Ijalana will turn 28 years old prior to the start of the 2017 NFL regular season.

This contract brings the Jets cap space to approximately $9.8 million for 2017.  After accounting for signing the 2017 draft class, signing a practice squad, increasing the number of players counting against the cap to 53 for the regular season vs 51 in the off-season, and some wiggle room for in-season transactions, the Jets are more or less out of usable space for 2017. Additional minimal cap moves like the Quinton Patton signing will not be a problem, but for more substantial moves the Jets will need to cut players, trade players, or restructure players to create additional cap space.