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Are the Jets Acting Like a Rebuilding Team?

New York Giants v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

If you ask most people, they would probably tell you the Jets are in rebuilding mode. What else could their strategy be? The team was bad in 2016, and there is not a ton of optimism about the 2017 squad.

A week or two ago, I might have told you without hesitation that the Jets were undertaking a massive rebuilding project. Then the offseason started happening. I think the Jets should absolutely be in a rebuilding mindset. Based on what they are doing this offseason, I am not so sure that they are acting like a rebuilding team.

From spending to marginally upgrade the team in the short term in some spots to bringing in a 38 year old quarterback to taking on gambles, circumstantial evidence is starting to pile up that the Jets might not be approaching this offseason with a rebuild in mind or at least with the mindset many of us would associate with a rebuild. We talk about it on today’s podcast.

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