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Jets Meeting With Chase Daniel

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Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

According to multiple reports the New York Jets are meeting with free agent quarterback Chase Daniel today.

Daniel is a 6' 0" 220 pound quarterback out of the University of Missouri.  He has been the backup quarterback for the New Orleans Saints, Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles in his seven year NFL career.  Daniel has started two games in his career, both with Kansas City, and posted a 1-1 record in those starts.  Daniel has thrown a grand total of 78 passes in the NFL, with one touchdown pass and one interception.  He will turn 31 years old during the 2017 NFL season. There is little reason to consider Daniel a starting quality NFL quarterback.

There is an expression known as the Parade of Horribles.  It refers to a rhetorical device in which one argues against taking a certain course of action by mentioning a list of extremely unpleasant consequences that could supposedly flow from said course of action.  The Parade of Horribles seeks to play on the emotional heartstrings of the target audience, getting them so upset with the supposed horrifying consequences they refuse to take the proposed course of action.

The Parade of Horribles rhetorical device actually takes its name from a real parade.  In the nineteenth century in America it was customary in many Independence Day celebrations for locals to parade down the street wearing grotesque costumes and masks. This was referred to as the Horribles Parade, a tradition still followed in a few New England communities.

The Jets appear to be giving the expression new meaning in their search for a starting quarterback for the 2017 season. They have been linked to Trevor Siemian and Jay Cutler, and have hosted Josh McCown and now Chase Daniel.  The Parade of Horribles right here in New York. Can Independence Day be far off?