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Josh McCown Visits the Jets; Geno Smith Departs

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Cleveland Browns v St Louis Rams Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

The news of the weekend for the Jets was primarily centered around quarterbacks. One visited and left without a deal. The other left for good. On today’s podcast, we talk about Josh McCown and Geno Smith.

The Jets brought McCown to town over the weekend. They dined on steak. Ultimately, though, no deal was struck. The two sides are still talking so something could happen going forward. Would this be a good idea? You might know how I feel already, but I talk about what I think the Jets need in a quarterback.

In other news, Geno Smith seems to be heading to the Giants. It ends a turbulent era. In retrospect, the Jets were a bad fit. Almost everything was toxic. The team didn’t put him in a position to succeed. The media and fans did ridiculous stuff. And Geno’s play wasn’t good enough. Let’s recap this era one last time.

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