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Report: Jets & 49'ers Have Interest In Taylor

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Prizes for anyone who can name a quarterback the Jets are not interested in.

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

You can tell the GM's head coaches and media have come together in Indianapolis. Rumours are flying around, some will have some truth behind them...a lot of them will be planted by GM's looking to drive up trade value or agents looking to pitch their client.

According to Vic Carucci of the Buffalo News, the Jets are one of the teams believed to be very interested in Buffalo QB Tyrod Taylor if the Bills decide to cut him.

The Bills have a March 11 deadline to decide what to do with Taylor. They can cut him, allowing him to sign with any team he so desires. Or they could pick up his option, keeping him in Buffalo and guaranteeing him $30.75 million.

During his press conference at the combine, new Bills head coach Sean McDermott stated that the team were yet to decide what to do with Taylor and may wait until the deadline to make a decision.

If he were to wriggle free of Buffalo, Taylor would be an interesting option for the Jets, offering some accuracy and athleticism. Although how he'd work in a west coast offense is a little corner. He does look after the football, but he's not the kind of QB who's arm you can rely on. In fact Buffalo are 1-10 in games where Taylor has been asked to throw 30 or more times.

Saying that, he's one of the better QB options on the market.