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Jets Are Hosting Former 49'ers Receiver Quinton Patton

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Not only are the Jets entertaining Josh McCown this weekend, they're also hosting Quinton Patton.

NFL: New York Jets at San Francisco 49ers Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets are still entertaining veteran QB Josh McCown today, but they are also playing host to former 49'ers receiver Quinton Patton:

Patton was a 4th round draft pick of the 49'ers in 2013, but he never quite took off in San Francisco.

In total, Patton has appeared in 40 games over 4 years, starting 18. He's recorded 73 catches for 880 yards and a single touchdown. He's fought through a few injuries in the NFL, and missed a couple of games towards the end of 2016 due to a foot injury.

The Jets aren't exactly settled at WR with Brandon Marshall moving to the Giants and Eric Decker still rehabbing a serious injury, however expectations would be low for Patton if he were to arrive in New York.