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Morris Claiborne Gets 1 Year $5 Mill Deal With Jets

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The Jets sign the former Cowboys corner to a one year prove it deal.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

As John mentioned yesterday, evaluating this deal was impossible before seeing the contract. Now we have the contract numbers, this seems like a good move for the Jets.

Claiborne was largely considered to be a draft bust before 2016 and will still likely go down as a huge disappointment in Dallas. However he performed much better last season, ending it as one of the more highly rated corners in the league.

Unfortunately for Claiborne, despite his good play, he wasn't able to stay healthy. It would have been a huge risk to bet on Morris for more than one year with his limited production and continued injury issues, the Jets inked him to a one year prove it deal.

This basically means the Jets have one year to determine if Morris is a stop-gap or part of the possible solution. There is very little downside here and he instantly makes the Jets more competitive in 2017. For me this is a good deal by Macc.