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Report: Morris Claiborne to Sign With Jets

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Adam Schefter says the Jets are going to sign free agent cornerback Morris Claiborne.

This one is an interesting move by the Jets.

Claiborne was considered by many to be a blue chip, can’t miss cornerback prospect when he was drafted in 2012. The Cowboys received praise from many quarters after trading up to the sixth overall pick to land him.

Claiborne’s early years were very disappointing. Many pegged him as a bust after a number of years where he was frequently injured and almost always subpar when he did play.

Last year, Claiborne’s fifth in the league, he finally seemed to be putting it all together. He had a wonderful start to the season and appeared to finally be developing into a high end corner, but the injury bug struck again. He played only 7 games.

The structure of any contract is important. If the Jets have limited a commitment to one year, this is a worthy gamble given his talent. If it is more than one year, it is very risky given his injury history and short stretch of productivity.