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Fullback Zach Line to Visit Jets

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Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Free agent fullback Zach Line has a date to visit the Jets.

Line was undrafted out of SMU in 2013, making him a part of the fabled Tommy Bohanon fullback class.

He did not get much of a chance to handle the football during his four years in Minnesota with only 13 carries and 7 receptions. What is interesting is he was a pretty productive runner in college with three 1,200 yard seasons and 33 receptions during his last year at SMU. While his primary role likely would be lead blocker with the Jets, perhaps there is more than meets the eye regarding his ability to be a functional weapon in his own right.

We have discussed this quite a bit during the offseason, but we have another sign the Jets are building a power run offense. This is not the first free agent fullback with whom they have been linked.