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Breaking Down Jets Quarterback Rumors

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Tennesee Titans v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Hopefully you are staying warm on this snowy Tuesday (or live in a place with better weather than the Northeast).

The Jets do not have a starting quarterback for the 2017 yet. The offseason rumor mill is in full swing, though.

Over the last few days, many signal callers have either been directly linked to the team or were the subject of speculation. The names include Jay Cutler, Josh McCown, and Chase Daniel. That is not a pretty situation.

On today’s podcast, we address the rumors about the Jets’ quarterback situation. We talk about which players make sense and which types of quarterbacks the Jets should target. There are no great options. There might not even be any good options, but there are options who are more logical fits than others.

You can listen to the podcast through the player embedded below. You can also subscribe to Locked on Jets on iTunes or Audioboom.