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Report: Jets Have Spoken With Jay Cutler; Visit Likely

Chicago Bears v New York Giants Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

Ian Rapoport says the Jets have been in communication with Jay Cutler.

Cutler had been with the Bears since 2009 prior to his release last week when the team signed Mike Glennon.

Of the lousy quarterback options available, Cutler is one of the best. That isn’t saying much.

Even thought he might be one of the top guys available, I just don’t see how this is a fit. It would be one thing if the Jets had a reasonable path to a decent season in 2017. Looking at the current roster and the resources the team has, it isn’t easy to see how the Jets have success in 2017 with a stopgap type quarterback.

I don’t have a ton of doubt that Cutler is a better player than Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg today. I just don’t see how he would help the Jets more than marginally in the short term or at all in the long term.