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NY Jets: It's Maccagnan's Team Now

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Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Lost in all the buzz generated by the start of free agency is the nearly complete overhaul of the Jets roster since general manage Mike Maccagnan took over for John Idzik in January 2015.

Of the more than 70 players currently under contract only eight were not signed, or traded for, by Maccagnan. Those players are Eric Decker, Sheldon Richardson, Calvin Pryor, Dakota Dozier, Dexter McDougle, Quincy Enunwa, Brent Qvale and Rontez Miles. There are other players who were originally signed by prior regimes; however, all such players have been re-signed by Maccagnan. They are Maccagnan's guys now.

Only two offensive starters, Decker and Enunwa, were not acquired by Mike Maccagnan. Only two defensive starters, Pryor and Richardson, were not acquired by Mike Maccagnan. In a little more than two years on the job Mike Maccagnan has completely overhauled the Jets roster. It is unequivocally Maccagnan's team now.

Given that state of affairs, and given the copious amount of salary cap space available to Maccagnan when he arrived, and the reasonable amount of space available in free agency this year, the question arises, how did this team come to such a place in the third year of this regime?

Barring massive improvement in nearly all the young players on the roster this team will field one of the worst rosters in the NFL in 2017.  Yes, free agency is still ongoing, and there is still some limited cap space to spend, but most of the remaining players available are not difference makers, and there isn't enough cap space left to acquire more than one or two difference makers even if they were available. Yes, the 2017 draft is still something to look forward to, but for the most part rookies make very limited impact in year one. The bottom line here is, barring a minor miracle, the Jets will field one of the worst rosters in the NFL in 2017.

Virtually all of that roster is the direct responsibility of Mike Maccagnan.  Going into the third year of his regime, fielding such a poor roster is an indictment of his time here.

There is still time to turn this around.  The 2016 draft class could develop to a degree far in excess of any reasonable expectations.  If the 2017 draft class also turns out extremely well the team's prospects could be looking far better as early as 2018. That could happen. But it's not the way to bet.  Back to back outstanding drafts, even for the best of organizations, are the exception, not the rule.

As of now the Jets are fielding an exceptionally weak team in the third year of the Maccagnan regime. Maybe a couple of outstanding drafts will change that in a hurry. Time will tell. However this team develops, this is Maccagnan's team now. If it underperforms there will nobody else to blame, and nowhere to hide.