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Here Are Some Details on Kelvin Beachum’s Contract With the Jets (Updated With Full Contract Breakdown)

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Ian Rapoport has some news on Kelvin Beachum’s contract with the Jets.

If we are going to be honest, the Jets are probably going to have a difficult time competing this season. With that in mind, they need to spend their free agency dollars smartly.

I think this is the type of move that makes sense for them. It reminds me a bit of when the Raiders first signed Michael Crabtree. They knew they weren’t going to compete that year, but they grabbed a guy with talent on a reasonable deal because they wanted to see whether he could be part of the solution going forward.

Beachum didn’t have a very good year in Jacksonville, but he developed into a very good player during his time with the Steelers before that. Is it possible he bounces back in 2017 a year further removed from his injury? Sure, and the Jets then would have a quality player at cornerstone position under contract for two more seasons. We don’t have the specific breakdown yet, but the dollars and years suggest it would be a bargain rate for a good left tackle. Have you seen some of the crazy contracts teams are handing out to tackles? Heck, the Jets gave one of those crazy contracts to a different tackle. Getting a potential answer at left tackle on an $8 million annual salary is solid.

If he doesn’t work out, the numbers suggest the Jets could escape this after one year, albeit probably not without some sort of dead money hit.

On the first look, I think this was a good gamble for the Jets.

UPDATE: Darryl Slater has the full breakdown.

Basics: Three years, $24 million maximum value

Signing bonus: $4.5 million

Roster bonus: $2 million

Total guarantee: $12 million

2017: $1.5 million salary, $5 million salary cap figure

2018: $8 million salary, $9.5 million salary cap figure, $7 million dead money

2019: $8 million salary, $9.5 million salary cap figure, $1.5 million dead money

Sometimes the numbers look deceiving at first, and I think that’s the case here. I figured when I saw the raw 3 year, $24 million deal it was likely structured in a team-friendly way that would allow the Jets to get out of it after one year.

The way this deal was actually structured probably does not. The Jets would take a large dead money hit and create little cap space parting ways with Beachum after 2017. The odds are Beachum will be on the team in 2018 no matter how effective he is.

The structure of this deal does much to dampen my initial enthusiasm. I think committing to Beachum past one year is pretty risky. If he recaptures his previous form, this will look like a bargain. If he doesn’t, this is going to hurt the Jets.

UPDATE #2: Here’s another provision Slater notes.

His 2019 year can void if he makes the Pro Bowl in either 2017 or 2018, and is on the Jets' roster the day after the 2018 season's Super Bowl.

So that ends my dreams of a deal where the Jets could get out of a deal after one year if it didn’t work out or have a good player at a bargain for three years if it does.

If Beachum isn’t good in 2017, he likely will get that second season. If he regains form and plays well enough to make the Pro Bowl, the Jets lose that third bargain year.

You certainly can make a case for this signing. It certainly could pan out, but it isn’t the low risk, high reward move it appeared to be at first.