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Jets Offered Jefferson More Money Than Baltimore

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The Jets made a good play for the former Cardinal, but it wasn't enough.

NFL: Washington Redskins at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Update: 5:21PM - As pointed out by the DR in the comments.

The Jets have been quiet so far during free agency, however they have been trying to land their targets.

It was widely reported that the Jets had interest in former Cardinal Tony Jefferson, one of the marquee free agents on the market. His past relationship with Todd Bowles was seen as an advantage for the Jets, but unfortunately it wasn't enough.

Jefferson confirmed that he'd been offered more money by the Jets, but chose to sign for the Ravens instead.

I can hardly blame him for this. Todd Bowles future is uncertain past 2017 and the Ravens are closer to competing than the Jets.

According to this report by Peter King, the Jets offered $1.5 million more per year than the Ravens, but money doesn't rule Jefferson's world.

“I love the game way too much to let money be my leading factor in what I do.” - Tony Jefferson