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Jets Quarterback Rumors: Jay Cutler and Trevor Siemian Are Possibilities

NFL: Chicago Bears at New York Giants Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets need somebody to play quarterback for them next season. Some of the options are now off the table, but others are emerging.

With the signing of Mike Glennon, the Bears let longtime starter Jay Cutler go yesterday. Apparently there is some degree of mutual interest between Cutler and the Jets.

So that’s exciting...

In other news, the Broncos are considered suitors for Tony Romo, which has led to some speculation about whether the Jets could acquire incumbent starter Trevor Siemian.

We all remember what happened the last time the Broncos added a star quarterback from another team. It led Denver to trade its displaced starting quarterback to the Jets.

In any event, I am inclined to doubt the Jets will trade for Siemian mainly because it doesn’t make any sense for the Broncos to trade him. Even if they get Romo, they will need a quality backup insurance policy. Romo is a huge injury risk. Why trade a young, cheap guy who just had a fairly effective season? Upon the potential acquisition of Romo, Siemian would instantly become one of the league’s top backups. That isn’t something to give away.